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Idaho Pasture Pigs

Wilsons' Farm is one of only three registered breeders of Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP's) in the state of Oregon. We currently have three breeding sows and two boars here on the farm. IPP's are a truly special breed- they are part Duroc, part Berkshire, and part Kune-Kune, Their snouts are short and upturned and, unlike other breeds of pig, they graze on pasture grass and do very little rooting. They are naturally very docile and love attention. They also love cantaloupe, and grapes, and zucchini, and pumpkins, and berries, and corn. 







Fern has the most amazing personality of any pig we've ever met! She loves ear scratches, belly rubs and kisses. Yes, kisses. She is extremely gentle, even in comparison to others of this breed.  If you lay next to her, she will put her head on you and use you as a pillow!


Flower is simply adorable. She has a quirky sense of humor... really! She seems to take great pleasure in pretending we are her playthings. She loves to try to push you over as she scratches by rubbing against you... if you stumble she laughs at you and then comes for more!


Oh, sweet Clementine! Sassy, playful, and undeniably adorable, Clementine is a little strumpet and we are super excited to add her to our breeding line and our lives!

Litter due 5/2021

Pork Shares

We are offering a limited number of half and whole hog shares this season. The cost of a hog share consists of two payments, one to the farm and one to the butcher. The price of each share paid to the farm is $5.00/lb for pasture-raised and is determined by the hanging weight of the hog. The farm receives the payment for the hanging weight and the butcher receives the payment for slaughter and disposal plus cutting fees. Please note that there are extra fees associated with smoking meats (ham, etc.), curing bacon and making sausage. Reserve a share today with a deposit of $100/half share or $200/whole share.

Fern's litter 11/15/19

Livestock Pricing


$175/pig -8-12 weeks old, castrated, vaccinated, dewormed. Additional $10/week beyond week 12

Breeders (all breeding animals will be registered)

Gilt- $600

Boar- $500

Breeding Pair- $1200 (will have diverse genetic lines) - 

Pregnant Gilt- $1600

Stud Service- $200 *requires site visit prior to delivery, limited to 45 days, buyer responsible for any injury/losses

Flower's litter 12/7/19

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