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Pasture-Raised Poultry

Our birds rule! From controlling parasite loads in our pastures to providing nutrient rich bedding for compost to supplying our customers with delicious eggs and meat, our pasture to table poultry is vital to the health and success of this little farm! For information or pricing. click the appropriate photo or link below:

Farm Fresh Eggs - $5.00/dozen

Here on the farm we have a very diverse genetic flock of laying hens which provide delicious and beautiful eggs year-round. Deep browns, creamy blues, olive greens, light tan, and all with the most vibrant orange yolks you have seen. Our entirely free-range chicken eggs are lower in cholesterol and taste better than anything you can buy at the local grocery store. Some of this we attribute to the amount of pasture and forrest our ladies have access to, and some of it we think is because of the amenities our girls get. Housed in a room within the main barn, they have a separate dusting room and automatic door which lets them out in the morning and keeps them safe at night. They also truly enjoy music in the barn 24 hours a day. From Sinatra to Rush, Bing to Bjork, our eggs really rock! We are happy to set aside a dozen or more for you. Just let us know how many and when you would like to pick them up by clicking here.

Pasture Raised Chicken - $3.50/lb

Each year we pasture raise and process around 100 broiler and roaster chickens and generally have them frozen and available for pickup. Grown on pasture grass, bugs and select grains, these chickens live their lives free to roam, dust in the soil, lay in the sun and are never given antibiotics or hormones. Ultimately, they are processed humanely by our own hands.  It makes for a hard farm day but we know that the meat we provide not only tastes better and is more healthy, it also decreases demand for chicken raised in factory farms under inhumane conditions. To reserve one or more, please click here.


Free-Range Heritage-Breed Turkey - $4/lb

We offer a very limited number of turkeys annually (usually under 10) and hand pluck and process for the holidays. Available fresh or frozen in November when reserved. If you have never had a farm-fresh, free range, heritage breed turkey, you have been missing out. Unlike commercial varieties, our  turkeys are raised on green grass and clean well water. They are given access to corn and grains and are never sodium injected. Included with each turkey is our secret recipe for brining! Reserve yours for 2020 here.



We currently have a small flock of Anacona ducks that love to keep our gardens clear of slugs and our pond free of mosquito larvae! Although we currently do not harvest them for meat or sell their eggs, if you are interested in this drop us an email.


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