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The Farm

We could fill an entire page with poetic descriptions about how beautiful it is here... how the creek laughs its way through the ravine or how the fir trees rub shoulders with fragrant cedar, towering above a carpet of alder and maple. We could talk about the lush rolling hills or the smell of  fresh turned soil as the plow share folds it back... but, there are chickens to feed, eggs to gather, pigs to tend and goat hoofs to trim. On this farm the gardens never get enough weeding, the blackberries grow like wildfire, and there is always, and we do mean always, a fence that needs to be moved. The red clay soil sticks to our boots and makes our legs heavy as we climb up and down our lush rolling hills. I swear there isn't a level spot on this property! If you hear swearing coming from the barn, it's just Eric fixing our 1950 Fergusson tractor. If you hear swearing coming from the house, it is Laurie discovering that Eric walked across the freshly-mopped floors while wearing his mud-caked boots!

Nonetheless, it really is a beautiful place! Below you will find some photographs from around our farm! Enjoy!

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