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The Harvest

We are omnivores. We watch documentaries. At some point, we decided to grow or raise our own food in a way that was humane, safe, honest, respectful, kind, and natural.  We use only non gmo seed. We feed our animals natural grains and fresh produce. We rotate pastures and have never used a pesticide, herbicide, or commercial fertilizer. We will never get rich farming this way and that is just fine by us!

Idaho Pasture Pigs

The Idaho Pasture Pig is a new breed of pig (the first new breed in 70 years!) that is the product Duroc, Old Berkshire, and the Kunekune pig.  These are true "grazing" pigs and are very gentle in nature, are easy to work with, and have marvelous personalities! They love belly rubs and ear scratches and respond to affection in kind. They stay somewhat smaller than the traditional pig, yet still reaching a butcher weight of 200 - 250 pounds in 9 - 10 months eating primarily grass (although they love fruit, veggies, pumpkins and leftover pizza too!) At Wilsons' Farm we offer breeding pigs, pigs to raise, pigs which we have raised and are ready for butcher, and boar services. We also offer pork by the whole or half, cut, wrapped and frozen ready for your next meal. Learn more here.


Multiple times a year we offer Cornish Cross poultry, processed and ready for the freezer or oven.  Additionally, throughout the year we generally have some in the freezer, ready for purchase. We raise these chickens in small groups, allowing them  to range throughout the pasture and also supplementing their diet with a flock-raiser feed.  They are processed respectfully and humanely by us right on the farm and packaged in dedicated poultry shrink bags.

$3.50/lb. Whole birds only. Next available late June to early July. Click here to reserve yours today!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our laying hens are so free-range, we are surprised that the neighboring farms aren't collecting our eggs (or maybe they are)! Free range eggs are 10% lower in fat and 30% lower in cholesterol. They are higher in vitamins A and D, and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for heart health. We collect daily, hand rinse without detergent and box them up in recycled egg cartons. If you would like  to purchase, please call a day in advance to ensure we have some as we frequently sell out! 


Turkeys (seasonal)

We would happily raise a turkey for you for the holidays! We typically raise 10-15 birds a year, and maintain a sales list for people who would like to purchase one.  We are currently accepting names for this list. Just drop us an email and ask to be put on the list (and be sure to include your contact information and how large a turkey you would like) and we will send you a confirmation email in return.  This is a first come-first served list as these gobblers go quick! Entirely pasture raised, these heritage-breed, antibiotic -free turkeys have their run of the entire farm. We process them ourselves and they are never sodium injected (that's gross) so a brine or rub will be necessary prior to preparing.

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