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The Windy Inn

True story... Eric and Laurie were playing music in Scotland and Ireland in 2008 when, one evening on the way to Dingle, they stopped at a very small place called Inch. It was there that a perfectly round rock rolled up to Laurie's feet.  She decided to bring it home. It became the first stone in what was to become "The Windy Inn."


The Windy Inn is available to rent for film projects, photo shoots, or as a romantic yet rustic overnight destination. It is like stepping back in time.  It does not have electricity, running water, or a bathroom (although there is an outhouse nearby). It has a dirt floor and a lovely open-hearth fireplace with plenty of firewood to burn. It is illuminated by candlelight (candles are provided) and if you prefer to prepare meals yourself, cookware for the fireplace is available.  Sleeping accommodations include a comfy queen size futon and plenty of blankets. A bottle of wine and a homestyle country breakfast at the farmhouse in the morning are also included.

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